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Spring Interior Checklist

May 8
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Spring Interior Checklist

Most of us are spending a lot more time at home than normal. It is a great idea to use this extra free time inside to work on some housekeeping items. Keeping up with regular home maintenance can help your home run efficiently. Read on for a checklist of chores you should tackle this spring to make sure your home is in tip-top shape.

  • Replace your air conditioner filter. It’s important to replace the air filter in your central heating/cooling system every one to three months to keep it operating efficiently.

  • Schedule a service call to have your furnace checked.

  • Make sure you switch your ceiling fans to spin counter-clockwise. This forces air down and creates a cooling effect.

  • Clean bathroom vents. Removing dust from the covers will help them run quietly and efficiently.

  • Clean showerheads and bathroom drains to remove mineral deposits.

  • Clean out your faucet traps by unscrewing the ends of the faucets with pliers, remove the small screens and flush out all the debris and mineral deposits.

  • Clean all kitchen appliances inside and out, especially your refrigerator and its coils.

  • Clean out your garbage disposal with ice cubes and salt to remove build-up of sludge. Then pour a half cup of baking soda into the disposal and slowly pour vinegar on top to remove odor. Flush with hot or boiling water.

  • Change your water and icemaker filters.

  • Clean your range hood and filter.

  • Clean your clothes dryer vent pipe.

  • Clean your windows and window sills.

  • Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and replace batteries where necessary.

  • Oil your garage door opener and chain, and all door hinges.

  • Check your attic and basement for any signs of water leaks, mold or pests.

Taking care of to-do items around the home may not be the way you want to spend a beautiful spring weekend, but it will help keep your home running efficiently and help you maintain your investment in your home!